Where can I find a general guide to spheronization?

Caleva are pleased to provide this brief, very useful, non-technical guide to Spheronization.   The industry standard term "Spheronization" was established by Caleva about 50 years ago.   Talk to the experts!  What is Spheronization?   Why consider Spheronization.  What basic equipment do I need for Spheronization? 

Spheronization is the process where extrudates (the output from an extruder) are shaped into small rounded or spherical granules. The use of these spheroids can be relevant for a wide variety of industries.

The products produced from this process can be useful in several ways:

  • Product performance and functionality can be improved or changed to meet a wide range of requirements
  • Plant procedures can be simplified, to reduce costs or enhance security of operation

The process is well known and widely used in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical, catalyst, petrochemical, materials science and other industries. Its use is becoming increasingly recognized in other areas of industrial material handling.

Read full article here .. A-brief-non-technical-guide-to-Spheronization-from-Caleva.pdf

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