Caleva are Operational

How is Caleva responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Given that our scope of supply is Worldwide, Caleva staff have always had the ability and will to respond during the hours outside of it's normal operation hours in the UK. This culture informs and lends itself to the current need to continue what we do wherever we are.

The sales & marketing, engineering, manufacturing and logistics operations continue with specific protection measures in place.

As we move forward we may have many challenges, but our focus is very much on what we can influence. We wish to reassure you that we are open for business and will support your research, development and manufacturing needs.

Caleva's strength lies with its staff and long-standing company culture. We strive to create an open, honest and caring approach to all that we do whilst being absolutely determined to achieve our strategic goals.  It is in times of stress that good people come through.

We offer our best wishes for you and your and your family - stay safe and well.

  • We will prioritize your enquiry in the usual way, without delay
  • We have equipment and spares in stock
  • To support your needs, we have a strategy in place that means we can ship to you
  • We offer live installation guidance, over the phone or in a video conference. When travel restrictions are lifted, we will be able to visit your site to give you some first hand experience
  • To test the feasibility of your formulation where you wish to understand the uses of extrusion & spheronization - we can discuss this in detail so that we are ready to work in the lab with you when the current restrictions are lifted and it is safe for this work to be carried out
  • Characterize the properties of your granulation - yes we can still help you with this, even if you can't travel to our site

We are here.

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