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Caleva were recently approached by members of the pharmaceutical department from the University of Sussex and asked for assistance on how best to demonstrate to their students the theories and practices of pharmaceutical pellet production.

Once they explained that they were looking to carry out these demonstrations using very small batch sizes of up to 50g, there was only one real solution available to them.  The Caleva Multi Lab and the Mini Coater Drier.  This solution has allowed them to actively demonstrate and carry out “real world” workshops on the 5 main processes of pellet production.  If they wish to show mixing, extrusion, spheronization and drying and coating of pharmaceutical pellets, then Caleva Multi Lab and the Mini Coater Drier have proven to be the ideal educational tools.


By Andrea Newton
13 Feb 2015 in Caleva installations training, CML, Mini Coater Drier

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