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In Class at the Pharmacy School, University of Reading

Caleva are very happy to report that the extrusion and spheronization (and tablet coating) equipment installed at the University of Reading by Dr Steve Robinson is proving to be a great success. Associate Professor, Dr Alex Edwards, confirms

“The set of pilot equipment from Caleva (Mini extruder. Spheronizer. Spray coater) is ideal for our process development laboratory for several reasons.

1. Small, compact footprint
2. Intuitive and simple to use
3. Flexible

Following a training session provided by Caleva, our experienced PhD student rapidly got to grips with the equipment and found it straightforward for developing optimal formulations for pellet production. Because of the small batch size he was able to rapidly test 10s of different formulations of varying composition and excipient mix, and thereby develop a unique and novel formulation that was ideal for our specific and challenging live bacterial cell formulation. He optimised extrusion, spheronization and enteric coating using the Caleva instrument set in only a few months from scratch. The small batch sizes

Dr Alexander Edwards, University of Reading

 allow ed testing of small amounts of different excipients without wastage. He produced a complete thesis chapter using this equipment, and the work was published in International Journal of 

Pharmaceutics in 2015.We are expanding our MSc research program in formulation, launched last year, and each masters student completes a detailed, independent 30 week research project. We have identified a number of exciting research projects that will use our Caleva pilot equipment that is focussed on developing new formulations and processes for challenging therapeutics such as live oral bacterial vaccines.”

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By Andrea Newton
1 Sep 2015 in Successful partnerships with Caleva, CML, Mini Coater Drier

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