University of Copenhagen and the new Caleva Multi Lab

Daniel Bar Shalom Department of Pharmacy and Student working with the Caleva Multi Lab

The Pharmaceutical Department of the University of Copenhagen have become the first Scandinavian institution to receive the new Caleva Multi Lab (CML). Combining this with their other recent purchase of the Caleva Mini Coater Drier (MCD-2) they can now demonstrate the 5 main processes of pharmaceutical pellet production in a practical setting for their international students.

Combining the MCD and the CML allows the students to granulate, extrude, spheronize, dry and coat a small batch size (10-150g) of pellets. Not only is this batch size ideal for completing a rapid turnaround of practical demonstrations for training purposes, it also allows the user to run multiple iterations when only a limited amount of active ingredient is available for research purposes.

Daniel Bar Shalom University of Compenhagen working with the Caleva Multi Lab

By Andrea Newton
20 Feb 2015 in Caleva installations training, CML

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