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A visitor to Caleva uses innovative Caleva technology to help investigations into the control of leaf cutting ants in Costa Rica

Ms Catherine Jimenez from the Laboratorio do Biotechnologia, Universidad de Costa Rica is working in collaboration with a company to produce a novel ant bait for use against a major agricultural pest.

The requirements for the study was to have available a laboratory extruder that would be able to produce extrudate not only of different diameters but also of different densities. Using a...

Alejandro Lopez from Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University visits Caleva for training on the Caleva Multi Lab

In June 2016 our friend and customer Alejandro Lopez from the Division of Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University visited Caleva in the UK for training and testing of their newly purchased Caleva Multi Lab. The Department have all of the Multi Lab attachments, the screw extruder assembly, spheronizer and high viscosity mixing attachment - the mixer attachment which includes a high...

Pharmacy Students from University of Reading visit Caleva’s Laboratory

We were delighted to welcome Akhil and Mohammed to our laboratory in the UK for training on our laboratory equipment. They both worked with the Mini Coater Drier and Mixer Torque Rheometer as well as the Caleva Multi Lab. It was an enjoyable day for all and we appreciate their visit and they are welcome to visit us again in the future. Indeed, if any pharmacy student would like to come and...

Medical University of Gdansk visit Caleva


A visit of a senior academic from Thailand’s Chiang Mai University to Caleva Process Solutions

Caleva were indeed fortunate to have a visit from one of Thailand’s leading academics from Chiang Mai University .

The University College of London, School of Pharmacy visits Caleva

Dr Hamid Merchant from UCL School of Pharmacy (one of the UK’s leading centres of pharmacy education and research) recently visited the Caleva facility at Sturminster Newton in Dorset (UK).