• Do you have heat generation and associated issues with your Extrusion process?

    Do you have heat generation and associated issues with your Extrusion process?

    When talking with customers who manage production scale extrusion I am often asked to comment on the amount of heat generated and the issues that this can cause.  In reality it is just something that we have to live with as all extrusion processing will generate heat.  The amount of heat generated will vary depending on the formulation of the product, the rate of extrusion, the physical specifications of the extruder and the type of extruder being used (screw, gear or basket are the common ones).

  • Caleva apple sauce method for catalyst pellet preparation

    Catalyst Pellets cracked! The strange apple sauce method

    Over the past couple of years I have worked with a huge number of chemical engineering teams, trying to crack the optimum base for a catalyst pellet. After hours of trials and research, I am pleased to say, we’ve done it!  The benefit of using CMC is that it will retain the water content required for the spheronization process. You can later burn this off, leaving the pure catalyst pellets for further testing and development.

  • pellet spillage after spheronization at Caleva - Aaron will know what to do

    Spheronization Barrier Technique from Caleva

    A tip from spheronization expert Aaron Quinn.  Stop the machine, squeeze between your fingers a small amount of your extruded material and stick it to the side wall of the spheronizer drum. Then turn it on.  The addition of this slight barrier  has an instant impact causing the material to break and start to spheronize in the normal way.