6th Symposium on Solid Oral Dosage Forms in Malmö, Sweden

Caleva Process Solutions Limited has just returned from exhibiting at the 6th Symposium on Solid Oral Dosage Forms in Malmö, Sweden.  Caleva exhibited their Screen Extruder 20 and MBS (Multi Bowl Spheronizer) 250 machines, which were met with great regard and enthusiasm.  David Ryan, Caleva’s International Sales Manager commented, “This has been the most informative and influential of all the symposia I have attended this year.  I found it extremely beneficial to attend the sessions on “Wet granulation – Fundamentals, modelling and pharmaceutical applications” given by Professor Jim Litster, from Purdue University and “Processing performance of microcrystalline celluloses” by Pirjo Tajarobi, from AstraZeneca as these we obviously such balanced and considered lectures given by individuals who are widely appreciated in their fields”


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