Young Apprentice Joins Caleva


As the demand for Caleva equipment continues to grow, we are delighted to welcome a new colleague within Caleva’s operational team.  Richard Cowgill  joins Caleva as a modern apprentice and will attend a day release course at a local college where he will study engineering.

Under the watchful eye of Caleva’s highly trained technicians, Andy Smith and Ernest Park, who have a wealth of experience in manufacturing  the highest quality extruders and spheronizers, Richard will be guided through our  manufacturing processes to  gain the disciplines and skills required to make the best formulation development equipment for pharmaceutical, catalyst, ceramic and chemical laboratories around the worldwide.


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  1. Hello Richard I am working for Donwuk C&I Co., Ltd. in Korea. Very nice to hear that you joined Caleva. We hope that you will be excellent member in Caleva. Good luck! Yours sincerely Byoung Ju, Kim/Dongwuk C&I Co., Ltd.