New Team Members at Caleva


Caleva are delighted to announce the addition of two new staff members. Mr Aaron Quinn will be looking after our customers who wish to make pellets in the UK, Europe, The Middle East and Russia.  Mr Alan Webb will be assisting customers involved in research and development and production scale extruders and spheronizers in the USA & Canada and India.  Both Aaron and Alan have settled in very quickly and are ready and willing to discuss our Caleva Multi Lab, Extruder 20, Multi Bowl Spheronizer 250 and Mixer Torque Rheometer, as well as our large scale pellet making machines. The Caleva team now have considerable experience in helping Universities in their pharmacy courses, research R&D labs, contract manufacturers involved in R&D and production and large blue chip pharmaceutical and catalyst companies who need a continuous manufacturing process.

To contact either Aaron or Alan directly please see as follows:

Aaron Quinn
Direct: +44 1258 475085
Mob:   +44 7495 5277 90

Alan Webb
Direct: +44 1258 475088
Mob:   +44 07538 6724 25


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