Caleva Spheronizer 250 - Innovative agricultural research in Australia


Eureka! AgResearch have a Caleva Spheronizer 250 that they have used in an innovative research project for an electricity company in Australia.  The development investigated the potential to convert plant waste from residential sources into electricity.  A by-product was composted and then spheronised into granules for agricultural use.  The extrusion and spheronization and subsequent agricultural production trials worked well.   At the present  time electricity prices in Austrialia prohibit the roll out of this successful technique to full production.

More recently Eureka! AgResearch have been spheronising granules for their core business of developing products for the agricultural chemical industry.  They have been using the spheroniser to improve the density of granules which, in turn, improves their packing density, reduces attrition and allows them to flow more efficiently through equipment.  These are highly desirable attributes in a worldwide market where packing and transportation costs and product quality have become critical.  Eureka are currently producing batches for field trials and these trials are looking very promising.


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