Caleva in Brazil, November 2012

caleva extruder 20 and multi-bowl spheronizer 250 installed in a laboratory at the usp university of sao paulo campus in riberao pr

Caleva was recently able to visit a new customer in Brazil to assist with the installation and training of new equipment. The University of Sao Paulo in Riberao Preito recently aquired an extruder and spheronizer from Caleva. The principal user, (Ms Maria Paula) said that the main reason to purchase equipment from Caleva was that they had already visited another customer who uses Caleva equipment and were impressed with the quality and robustness of what they saw. They decided that Caleva was the best choice.

Pharma pellets made with Caleva laboratory equipmentAlfredo Maas for Caleva products in Brazil

After an initital training provided by Caleva the very first 1mm pellet (spheroid) sample was produced.

For more information about Caleva products in Brazil please contact: AGTEC Equipamentos Industriais LTDA Address: R. dos Narcisos, 15,Cj. 03 04.048-040 SÃO PAULO, SP Brazil Alfredo Maas Telephone: +55 (11) 55874777 Fax: +55 (11) 55892746 and speak to Alfredo Maas.

By Dr Steve Robinson
7 Jan 2013 in Caleva installations training, MBS, E20

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