Caleva attends the annual symposium of the United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society (UKICRS)

United Kingdom and Ireland Controlled Release Society UKICRS Caleva

The UKICRS addresses a wide range of research fields based on controlled release or products which include not only pharmaceutical applications but also agriculture, veterinary, food and cosmetic sciences. The annual symposium was held at the University of Reading.
There were several industry presentations on the first day (one of which was given by Caleva Process Solutions) and a second day of academic presentations which included the following:

• Biodegradable polymers for protein delivery –Wim Hennink
• Buccal drug delivery systems – John Smart
• Design and use of automatic pH control system to simulate the entire gastrointestinal pH in a conventional dissolution apparatus – Hamid Merchant, University College London
• Development and optimisation of a novel anti-inflammatory nanoparticle for the treatment of acute lung injury – Nooshin Daveshpour, Queen’s University Belfast
• Direct multi-nuclear magnetic resonance imaging studies of controlled drug release – Chen Chen, University of Cambridge
• Evaluation of transferrin-targeted dendrimers for gene delivery to the brain – Sukrut Somani, University of Strathclyde
• Hydrogen-bonded layer-by-layer enteric coatings for oral drug delivery – Samuel Bizley, University of Reading
• Investigation of sugar esters as novel intestinal permeation enhancers – Fiona McCartney, University College Dublin
• Novel controlled release amphotericin B formulations: haemolytic and pharmacokinetic studies – Dolores Serrano Lopez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
• Reducible polymer DNA-hydrogel as a dual switchable release gate – Giovanna Sicilia, University of Nottingham
• Specific challenges and opportunities in formulating slow release products for farmed ruminants – Louise Harris, University of Sunderland
• Targeted delivery of drugs via the PepT1 transporter –Gayle Wilson, Keele University
• Understanding the transit of bilosomes and subunit antigen via the oral route – Jit Wilkhu, Aston University

Congratulations to all involved with the organisation of this event.

For additional information about the UKICRS society you click here for their website.

By Andrea Newton
30 Apr 2013 in Exhibition

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