Caleva actively particpates in a Colorcon Coating School

caleva-tablet-coater-at-colorcon-coating-schoolColorcon is a world leader in pharmaceutical product development and offers regular “coating schools” for serious professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.  The schools  are normally three days in duration and  typically include information about the basics of film coating technology and offer the participants a chance for hands on experience with both production and laboratory equipment.

Caleva will take part in the next coating school to be held in the UK (23rd and 24th October 2012) and will show the latest technology available for the development of pharmaceutical spheroids made on the bench top by the process of extrusion and spheronization.  A practical demonstration of the Caleva Variable Density Extruder will be given and participants will have the opportunity for a “hands on” experience.  A presentation on the key factors involved in the development of a formulation suitable for the manufacture of pellets and the role that the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer can play will also be offered.

By Andrea Newton
9 Oct 2012 in Exhibition, Mini Coater Drier

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