Alejandro Lopez from Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University visits Caleva for training on the Caleva Multi Lab

Aaron Quinn and Alejandro Lopez from Uppsala University in the Laboratory at Caleva

In June 2016 our friend and customer Alejandro Lopez from the Division of Applied Materials Science, Uppsala University visited Caleva in the UK for training and testing of their newly purchased Caleva Multi Lab. The Department have all of the Multi Lab attachments, the screw extruder assembly, spheronizer and high viscosity mixing attachment - the mixer attachment which includes a high viscosity mixing bowl is very useful when materials are highly viscous and difficult to handle.

Later that week Aaron (Caleva) and Alejandro spent a day in London and were fortunate enough to go and see some tennis at Wimbledon.

Alejandro Lopez is adding binder to raw materials to create a granulation on the Caleva Multi Lab

We very much enjoyed having Alejandro spend time with us. Here is what he had to say about his experience – see the full recommendation from Alejandro about the Multi Lab here.

During two days I had the pleasure to visit the headquarters of Caleva for a hands-on training and testing of the Caleva Multi Lab (CML) spheronizer for the processing of calcium phosphate bioceramics intended as bone fillers. After an extensive research of the various options in the market I must note that, to this date, there is no other equipment that offers both versatility and compactness just like the CML. The equipment not only gives the possibility to produce spheres out of the most typical calcium phosphate cement formulations at a high yield but it also provides a mixer that works well with difficult non-Newtonian fluids such as inorganic suspensions. The CML proved to be a very resistant piece of equipment, suitable to cope with the many demands encountered in biomaterials development while requiring a minimum of bench space.

I was also very impressed with the high quality of the service and in-depth knowledge of extrusion/spheronization science shown by all members of the Caleva team; especially Mr Aaron Quinn who went far beyond his duties to ensure that I had a productive and enjoyable experience, and whose ideas, enthusiasm and approachability made it very attractive for our institution to aim for a future collaboration with Caleva.

By Andrea Newton
29 Jun 2016 in Important visitors, CML

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