Caleva 1.5 kg Multi Bowl Spheronization Kit

Batch size flexibility from 150g to 1.5kg

  • Batch size flexibility in R&D and teaching
  • A work-horse for your bench-top
  • Designed for ease of scale-up
  • The Industry and University standard
  • A low pressure screen Extruder complete with a Multi Bowl Spheronizer


Caleva offers you a range of extruders and spheronizers.

If your required batch size is between 150 and 1500 g then this Caleva kit will give you the flexibility you need. The 1.5 kg Multi-Bowl Spheronization Kit is for you if you plan to work with batches from 150 to 1500 grams.

The 1.5 kg Multi-Bowl Spheronization Kit designed for your bench-top.

It is your powerful combination for product development with flexibility that can be further enhanced with options if you wish to work with smaller batches and if you wish to automatically collect operational data during your work*.

Designed to ease your scale-up from development to pilot scale or production.

*Ask us how the automatic collection of operational data with the Caleva Datastor can enhance your work.


The Caleva multi-bowl 1.5 kg Kit:

  • Why multi-bowl? Because you will have the option to change bowl sizes if your batch size changes. You can be more flexible. You can save money.
  • Formulation development and teaching for a variety of industrial and pharmaceutical applications. Maximise your effectiveness.

If you require GMP/GLP?

  • Fully compliant with your work requiring GLP/GMP when required.
  • You have the option of full traceability of contact parts.

Do you need to collect data?

  • With the optional DatastorTM you can see and record product temperature, power usage and rotation speeds.
  • Safely record and keep the data you need for full analysis.
  • You control the operational parameters.